Build your credit union’s

AI Strategy Plan

January 8 + 9

Ashland, OR

This interactive workshop offers everything you need to begin your credit union’s AI journey with confidence.

There will also be wine. Really good wine.

Event Details

January 8 + 9

Join us for the second AI Strategy Workshop in Ashland, OR!

  • Who: Credit union executives
  • What: An intensive AI strategy plan creation workshop
  • Where: Ashland, OR: a beautiful tourist-friendly town with world-famous theater, cuisine, and wines
  • Our promise: You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of the AI landscape and a draft of an AI strategy plan for your credit union.

This workshop offers practical experience and training in AI operations for credit unions.

Guest speakers will include AI experts and executives from leading fintechs and progressive credit unions.

ashland oregon in winter sean bagshaw photography
ashland oregon in winter

Get ready to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to propel your credit union to new heights here, in beautiful Ashland, OR.

This is Ashland in January. You’ll love it.

resistance wine company

The workshop takes place at the Resistance Wine Company winery, winners of “Best in Class” and “Best in Show” at the statewide Oregon Wine Experience.


Workshops and outcomes

  • Introduction to AI for CUs
  • Use cases and prioritization framework
  • Data privacy and governance
  • Generative AI and prompt engineering
  • AI case studies and hands-on experience
  • Building AI into your culture
  • Forming a strategic AI roadmap


At the conclusion of this event, you’ll have a better understanding of AI, supported by meaningful use cases and hands-on training.

You’ll feel comfortable navigating the regulatory and ethical issues around AI, and you’ll be ready to safely build AI into your credit union’s culture and future.

You’ll receive a more detailed itinerary closer to the event!

Ready to create your AI strategy plan?

Are you a Credit Union executive grappling with the disruptive wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

If so, our hands-on workshop is custom-made for you!

1️⃣ Fend Off Obsolescence: If you’ve you’re concerned about your credit union becoming outdated, here’s your chance to stay ahead of the curve.

2️⃣ Strategy Mapping: Are you in charge of your credit union’s strategy? We’ll guide you through covering all the AI bases, ensuring your CU is future-proof.

3️⃣ Missed Opportunities: Don’t get left behind like many did in the Internet era. Learn how to identify and seize AI-driven opportunities.

4️⃣ Generative AI: Feel like ChatGPT and other generative AI tools are outpacing you? We’ll help you unlock and harness their untapped potential.

Don’t let your Credit Union get stuck in the past. Join us to build a robust AI strategy and position yourself at the forefront of financial innovation!

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AI Strategy Plan Workshop Application

January 8 + 9, Ashland, OR

Fly into Medford International Airport (MFR)

Individual: $4,000

Pair: $6,000