What to Look for in Banking and Finance AI

This is an excerpt from FinAncIal: Helping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial World. Grab your copy here!

In the previous chapter, I showed various uses of AI in modern products and services. I hope that gives you an idea about what AI has been used for in other industries. More importantly, I hope that it shows how disruptive AI is—ridesharing, content streaming, and online shopping used to be taxis, Blockbuster, and brick‑and‑mortar retailers. Today, those services are industry standards, and their former competitors are afterthoughts.

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Understanding the Credit Union Strategic Planning Process

What is a credit union strategic planning process and why should you use one? What kinds of topics should you discuss? Who should be involved?

If you are a new credit union executive or are thinking of doing your first credit union planning session, read on! This article outlines the process and methodology that other successful credit unions use.

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Credit Union Strategic Planning Topics

Ahhh, credit union strategic planning… Is it something you look forward to? Or is it more of a necessary evil?

The last year has revealed that credit unions must take a more proactive approach to remote solutions, digital delivery, business continuity planning, and risk. Today is the time to think about the credit union world we want tomorrow.

To remain competitive against local banks, fintechs, and major tech companies, we’ll need to take the next step. That means taking a holistic approach to progress and asking the right questions… some of which might be difficult.

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Credit Union Subscription Checking / Share Draft 2.0 Guide

Banking habits are changing. Consequently, the way banking services are provided must change.

This Checking 2.0 Guide will give you context and insight about market trends, consumer behavior, and peer benchmarks. By the end of the guide, you should have a better understanding of the direction that checking accounts might take (or are already taking)—and you’ll learn about new fintechs that can help you modernize your offering.

This is a limited version of the guide—download the full version here!

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