CU 2.0 Podcast 59: Daniel Ford CIO at Jovia CU on Cybersecurity

Can your cybersecurity keep hackers at bay?

Can cybersecurity be used as a marketing tool by a credit union?

Can a banker in fact become a credit union executive?

For answers, listen to this podcast with Daniel Ford, CIO at Jovia, a $3+ billion credit union on Long Island that you probably know as NEFCU.  The rebranding occurred a month ago.

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The Best Automated Animation Software for Non-Animators

Earlier this week, we wrote a little about blog introduction videos. They’re basically short, easy trailers that introduce blogs or other written content.

An you can do more than just create little videos for blogs. You can also create longer videos for just about anything. And the best part? They’ll improve your SEO.

But what if you want to make your own videos? Where do you start? Our animator breaks down the best animation software for non-animators.

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Langley FCU Partners with Narmi to Open Accounts Online in 2.5 Minutes

There is a new player in the Online Account Opening space!

We’re excited to announce Langley Federal Credit Union, a $3.0 billion financial institution in Virginia, and fintech Narmi, partnered to launch a seamless digital account opening process which allows members to open new Langley FCU accounts in 2.5 minutes. Wow!

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How to Optimize SEO for your Credit Union’s Content Using the 4 C’s of Content Marketing

When big banks control the top spots on Google for keywords like “mortgages” and “financial health”, what chance does a community oriented Credit Union have of standing out to potential members? The solution is to express the content using words that apply to your company’s own unique brand and community. Learn the steps to optimize SEO for your credit union.

If your credit union does not write content and deliver content to members through e-mail campaigns and social media, then this article is not for you.

The first thing we need to understand is how search engine traffic works. In the early days of Google, achieving the first spot for simple keyword searches such as “mortgage” was a straightforward task. The word “mortgage” in this case, is known as a “short tailed keyword” and unfortunately, would not yield very good or relevant search results today. Expanding this search to “mortgage offers at credit unions near me” will provide a much narrower and targeted result.

This specific and deliberate search is the type of traffic that credit unions need to target. The idea is that when a potential member performs a search on something like “checking accounts for families near me”, the goal is to funnel this member into a process that ultimately leads them into becoming a credit union member. A community oriented credit union should know that creating cluster content on specific topics can lead target members to their website and signup process. To understand how to best capture the ideal search traffic, we’ve boiled down the process into the 4 C’s of keywords that belong in all of the content produced by your Credit Union.

optimize seo for your credit union

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Credit Union Website Basics