Should You Outsource Your Credit Union’s Statement Processing?

Statements. Notices. Tax forms. You name it. Handling paper notices—and converting people to eStatements—can be both tedious and costly. To counter that, your credit union may consider outsourcing its statement processing.

Aside from time and cost savings, outsourced statement processing offers other benefits:

  • Closer attention to detail
  • High accuracy and quality
  • Opportunities for marketing and member engagement
  • Easier path to scale and expansion
  • Years of statement processing experience

So, where can your credit union get started? And which types of member communications can you outsource?

According to Xpress Data Inc., there’s a world of possibilities.

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Example Content for Credit Union Nurture Sequences

Last week, we shared an example of what kind of content a credit union might include in an email nurture sequence. After a few questions about what other products or services can benefit from a nurture sequence, we put together a little list.

These nurture sequences will be nearly impossible to deploy without marketing automation. However, if you already use marketing automation, these ideas might help you with your content marketing campaigns. Or, if you’d like to see what some basic marketing automation sequences look like, this example content might help.

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Key Member Satisfaction and Loyalty Touchpoints for Credit Unions

One of the key differentiators for credit unions is their superior service. Or at least, it should be a key differentiator. But are you sure you’re doing it right?

And if you are, are you providing that same great member experience across all major touchpoints?

Here are a few major member touchpoints where you should prioritize member satisfaction. If you feel that you’re falling behind on one or two of them, don’t panic! There’s an easy way to turn things around.



An Example of an Automated Nurturing Sequence for Credit Unions

Marketing automation is standard for many industries, but credit unions are only just getting started with it. Unfortunately, this means that many credit union marketers can’t visualize the benefits.

One of the key abilities of the technology is the automated nurturing sequence. Let’s look at what it is, how it works, and what it looks like.

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How Often Should You Email Your Credit Union Members?

One of the most common questions from credit union marketing teams is about how often they should email their members. How often can they email their members?

It’s a scary proposition, spamming your membership. You don’t want to annoy people or make them angry.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be forgotten…

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