MAPS Credit Union Uses LiveSurvey to Gather Feedback and Be More Responsive to Members

Chris Giles, President of CU Wireless, describes how MAPS Credit Union leveraged LiveSurvey . The original intent behind the weekly survey was to establish a continuous feedback loop after receiving results from a large survey conducted every two years by Raddon. By using LiveSurvey on a more frequent basis, the credit union was able to address issues from its members quicker and in real-time.

The weekly surveys created an immediate shift in culture, as MAPS employees became aware that their interaction with members shaped their personal and branch score for the day. The credit union also uncovered some blind spots in its service delivery, and has established best practices across branches and target improvement efforts at underperforming branches.

Using LiveSurvey for episodic feedback has been quite helpful as well. For example, MAPS recently completed a conversion from VISA to MasterCard. Launching in two phases, it started with credit cards and then used LiveSurvey to gather feedback from members in the process to inform its decisions for the launch of MC Debit, a considerably bigger project impacting 70 percent of its membership.

In addition to member surveys, MAPS also uses LiveSurvey data for employee reviews

Before starting the process, Giles said he wishes he would have known about alternative survey methods, since it would have avoided some “tough learning.” MAPS spent about $12K a year to use LiveSurvey, which was considerably less than the $50K cost of a Raddon survey.

Although results are still difficult to quantify, Giles said members who have complaints are pleasantly surprised when the credit union immediately follows up. Using LiveSurvey enhanced member service at MAPS greatly.  “It’s definitely a journey,” Giles shared. “As we continue engaging our members in continuous feedback, we’re constantly learning—learning about the organization, member needs, survey techniques and, often, how much we have yet to learn.”

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