Tropical Financial Credit Union Uses Hubspot and Content Marketing to Grow Its Digital Brand

Amy McGraw, VP Marketing, and Mindy Partridge, CIO/CTO, weighed in on how Tropical Financial Credit Union (TFCU) leveraged content marketing to build its brand and consumer relationships.

TFCU wanted to use more technology in digitally engaging its members. It needed to look at its digital blueprint, including internal technology, marketing (and automation), and advertising. TFCU created four personas based on its membership to help guide strategies.

TFCU integrated HubSpot data and lead scoring into its content strategy. It used algorithms and activity to catch attrition and keep an eye on competitor products. Once systems started talking, automation kicked in. Adding an “I want to talk to someone” button on the website created several web leads.

The credit union hired a full-time content person who wrote and created video content for the website and social media. TFCU created a content calendar, and each blog/video was written targeting a persona. “Our website and HubSpot were used to guide the member on their journey—it focused on building trust,” said McGraw.

Every section on the website contained a web lead form with responses given within a day. The previous website design was static and had no optimization, tracking, or UTM codes.

Moving forward, TFCU plans on moving 70,000 emails to HubSpot,  building workflows around digital brochures and member experiences using data marketing automation, implementing a mouse-flow analytics tool, and refocusing dollars away from traditional brick and mortar into digital.

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