The property data revolution

Using property data to drive digital growth

Your members have questions about their properties…

how do you give them the answers they want?

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property data

Credit unions sit on a veritable dragon’s hoard of data.

Yet, when members want to learn about their property, they can’t find the answers they want.

Where can members check their home value? Where can they see their home equity?

Credit unions are missing out on an opportunity to deepend their relationship with members through property data…

And they’re also missing out on key lending opportunities!

Big topics

  • How can you provide property data to your members?
  • What opportunities does that data unlock for your credit union?

Primary goals

Explore the Chimney Home solution, including:

  • How it works
  • How it serves members
  • What it does for credit unions

Our Speakers

Don’t worry… there will be plenty of Q&A time, too!

chase neinken headshot

Chase Neinken

Co-Founder & CRO, Chimney

kirk drake webinar headshot

Kirk Drake

Co-Founder, CU 2.0

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