Credit Union Fintech: Plinqit

Who is the product for?

Credit Unions and Banks


What does it do?

Plinqit by HTMA is an end to end platform licensed to financial institutions that features goal based saving and intelligent content. Unlike any other savings app, Plinqit’s patent-pending Build Skills pays users for engaging with content, creating substantially higher user engagement (55 percent on average) compared to other savings apps, with more than half (66 percent) of Plinqit users having completed their savings goal. In fact, the app has exceeded $500,000 (and growing) in total deposits.


Contact information


Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Help people save
  2. Pays people to learn and improve their savings skills
  3. Brings relationships to the credit union


Plinqit Founder: Kathleen Craig

I am passionate about the role savings and financial literacy have on kids and young adults. This passion leads us to the products we create and our relentless drive to innovate and get this knowledge in the hand of end users. We want to educate 1,000,000+ kids on money in the next 5 years because we know having even a small amount of money in savings and basic money knowledge leads to a more successful future.

I also love technology and a good ‘aha’ moment. I enjoy sharing what I know whenever I can through public speaking and one on one conversations.


Plinqit go to Market Strategy:

Wants to go to direct to Credit unions with a white labeled solution.


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