Credit Union Fintech: Justice For Me

Who is the product for?

Credit Unions and Banks


What does it do?

Justice for Me (JFM) exists to bridge the Justice Gap. JFM removes the financial obstacles that prevent clients and attorneys from connecting. By leveraging technology, a network of attorneys and partnering with Credit Unions, JFM enables access to justice for those clients who cannot afford the traditional legal finance model. By seamlessly facilitating line of credits and paying attorneys directly, we provide affordable monthly payments for clients and eliminate the credit and collections headaches for attorneys. By bridging the Justice Gap, we enable customers and attorneys to focus on outcomes.


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Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Helps members who can’t afford traditional legal finance.
  2. Provides loans for credit unions
  3. Directly pays the attorneys


Justice For Me Founder: Joseph Cooper

I am very privileged to be CEO at Justice For Me, working with such a great team and incredible partners is truly an honor. At Justice For Me we work to remove the financial obstacles that prevent clients and attorneys from connecting. Day after day I hear stories of how we have helped our clients get the representation they needed and access to the justice system they were unable get before. We are very fortunate to play our role in changing lives.

Today, Justice For Me is actively helping to “Bridge the Justice Gap.” The stories of our clients are truly touching from the woman who was now able to close on her first house to the man that would have never seen his children again if it weren’t for us working together. Who knows what the future holds but it has been a wonderful path to this point. I hope you learn more about Justice For Me and certainly feel free to reach out and see what we can do together.


Justice For Me go to Market Strategy:

Partner with credit unions to distribute to members


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