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LevelUp, now a part of the Grubhub family, calls themselves “the growth engine for restaurants”.

LevelUp, created by Boston-based start-up SCVNGR in March 2011, is a tool used by restaurant businesses to engage existing customers with industry-leading digital-ordering, payment, and loyalty experiences.

LevelUp boasts the following features:

  1. Mobile Payment
  2. Native Order Ahead
  3. Loyalty & Gifting program that motivates customers with easily redeemable rewards
  4. Beacon Messaging – notify nearby customers with custom messages
  5. Location Finder
  6. Customer Feedback
  7. POS integration with all major POS systems
  8. Online Ordering

Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Allows mobile payment for restaurants
  2. Allows customers to order ahead
  3. Provides a loyalty and gifting program that encourages customers to return and stay engaged

LevelUp Founder: Seth Priebatsch

Before starting LevelUp, Seth Priebatsch was the Chief Ninja (Founder and CEO) of SCVNGR, a location based gaming company. Seth went on to find LevelUp in March of 2011, with the goal of increasing engagement and loyalty for local businesses, in addition to providing customers a method for making mobile payments. Seth was the keynote speaker at South by Southwest in 2011.

LevelUp go to Market Strategy:

LevelUp partners directly with large chains and local restaurants, offering a service that customers can engage with by simply downloading the LevelUp application.

LevelUp Resources:

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