Credit Union Fintech: LiveSurvey

LiveSurvey financial technology credit union 2.0


LiveSurvey is a CUSO dedicated to gaining valuable and actionable real-time member feedback for credit unions. Their survey platform allows for a wide range of survey types and questions.


While LiveSurvey can deliver transaction- and relationship-based NPS results, their credit union survey platform is flexible enough to address just about any question topic or type you can think up.


LiveSurvey Background

LiveSurvey is 100% credit union-owned. Their team of dedicated software professional serves the credit union industry exclusively. Their mission is to level the playing field in financial services. They remove barriers preventing credit unions from using the best modern technology to better serve and understand their members.


Among their chief concerns are:

  • A desire to prioritize, measure, and improve member experience
  • Reduce unresolved member service issues—no more “too little, too late”
  • Offer a modern survey program that yields measurable and actionable results
  • Measure and compare service channel effectiveness
  • Provide instant member experience feedback, so that credit unions can track results in real-time
  • Interact with and engage members
  • Remain simple and affordable

LiveSurvey competes directly with market-agnostic platforms that don’t understand the issues and pain points associated with the credit union industry.


To get a better idea of what kinds of surveys they support, read about their credit union member survey ideas.


Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. Member feedback
  2. Transaction surveys
  3. Relationship surveys


LiveSurvey Founder: David Deckelmann

LiveSurvey founder and CEO David Deckelmann has more than 20 years of experience in the credit union industry. He created LiveSurvey while working at CU Wireless when he saw the need for a flexible credit union member survey tool.


David Deckelmann served as the general manager in advanced reporting and as the general manager of CU Wireless for several years. After that, he moved up to VP and then Senior VP of operational subsidiaries at Maps Credit Union.


LiveSurvey go-to Market Strategy:

The LiveSurvey platform is available to credit unions of any size. Their platform is white-labeled for easy branding.


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