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The reality is that most people are not very good at financial planning. Most of that stems from making poor financial decision, or not knowing which financial decisions to make.

Project Finance endeavors to change that by helping people better understand their money. Through machine learning and predictive analytics, they can learn a user’s financial situation and habits. After that stage is complete, Project Finance helps users figure out where and how to best allocate money to ensure a healthy future.

Project Finance goes a step beyond other financial advice apps by encouraging more proactive habits. Instead of asking users to define their own financial goals—which are often lenient, underinformed, or unrealistic—the software tells you which bills to pay when, which debt to pay off first, and how much to invest.

As Project Finance’s CEO Colby Ross explains, “Our software will identify, optimize, and then automate your financial decision-making process.”


Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. Financial counseling
  2. Financial planning
  3. Retirement saving


Project Finance Founder: Colby Ross


Project Finance Market Strategy

Credit unions, community banks, and banks.


Credit Union Fintech: Project Finance in the News

An interview with CEO Colby Ross

Project Finance featured on Finovate


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Credit Union 2.0 believes fully in the power of credit union and fintech partnerships. With the shared goal to redefine multifaceted financial services models look like to members, more credit unions are looking to partner with forward-leaning fintechs.

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