Credit Union Fintech: Vetter

vetter credit union 2.0 financial technology

Vetter combines several services to drive growth and expand the loan portfolios of credit unions and community banks. Their tiered approach to growth follows a few steps.

First, they leverage a proprietary database of over 200 million people and 40 million businesses. This allows them to help financial institutions find eligible prospective members or customers near a credit union or community bank.

Second, their database also allows them to see which prospects might be looking for relevant services. For example, if a nearby, eligible couple has a second child, Vetter’s database can target them for home improvement or auto loans to help them accommodate their growing family.

Third, Vetter enables seamless onboarding. When a prospective member or customer wishes to use a credit union’s or community bank’s services, Vetter can facilitate their onboarding within 90 seconds.

Vetter’s goal is to offer to credit unions and community banks the same marketing data, capabilities, and onboarding experience that large banks enjoy.


Vetter Background

Prior to founding Vetter, Bryan Adler travelled across the country to provide investment banking services to community financial institutions and technology firms. Having spent years working with leaders in the field, Bryan was impressed by their deep connection and commitment to improving their local communities. From sponsoring little league games to greeting neighbors on the street, it was clear their purpose for working at community financial institutions extended beyond their jobs.

Vetter gives community financial institutions access to the same kind of reach and marketing resources that big banks use. Vetter’s goal is to empower community banks and credit unions to attract and retain profitable members for stable growth.


Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. Marketing
  2. Onboarding
  3. Growth and retention


Vetter Founder: Bryan Adler

Bryan is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Altpoint Capital and the Co-Founder & CEO of Vetter, an Altpoint portfolio company. His focus and passion is centered around the macro and practical dynamics of the lending industry across the United States. Prior to working with Altpoint, Bryan spent two years at Dreamit Ventures, a leading early stage enterprise-focused venture capital firm, as an Investment Team Member. Prior to Dreamit Ventures, Bryan was at UBS Investment Bank where he advised financial technology companies and community banks.

As a self-proclaimed health and wellness nerd, Bryan is involved with various nonprofit organizations focused on wellness education and increasing access to healthy foods to underserved populations. Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Baruch College.


Vetter go-to Market Strategy:

Credit unions and community banks.


CU2.0 Sponsor = Yes

  • Segment: Marketing, onboarding, and member growth and retention
  • Demographic: multiple
  • Impact on Member Growth: high
  • Impact on Interest Margin: medium
  • Impact on Non-Interest Income: medium
  • Impact on CU Branch: low
  • Expense Reduction: medium