Credit Union Fintech: Wizely

Who is the product for?

Credit Unions and Banks


What does it do?

Wizely Finance is a white label modular suite of products. The customer opportunity analysis suite allows credit unions to understand their customers behaivor & identify cross-sell opportunities for consumer loan products based on credit criteria and maketing strategy Marketing Automation allows them to execute a multi-channel marketing strategy and target their best customers. The lending platform allows members to originate and payoff their consumer loan in 5 minutes.


Contact information


Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Refinance Expensive Credit Card Debt with the CU brand
  2. Predictive Analytics built-in
  3. Marketing automation built-in


Wizely Finance Founder: Paris Benson, CEO

I’m a VC backed serial entrepreneur, code-junky, philanthropist building technologies that “make the world a better place”.

Full stack engineer/technical founder, customer acquisition expert, with a background in economics and political science from UCLA (proud Bruin). I’ve been building financial technology startups for the last 15 years, on a mission to help the average consumer hack personal finance.

Lead Business Development for one of the largest financial data management and aggregation companies online, responsible for more than 500,000 annual consumer financial inquiries and millions of users per year. Since, I have founded a few successful (and not so successful) companies in the financial technology sector, including a mid-sized fund of funds, a financial scam buster, and the largest marketplace securely connecting underserved consumers with non-bank financial experts.

Most recently, I’ve teamed up with some of the most respected people in banking and tech to tackle the massive revolving consumer debt problem. Wizely Finance’s white-label lending platform empowers regional banks and credit unions to offer instant debt consolidation loans to their most qualified customers/members in minutes. Increased lending without increased risk for financial institutions. Lower rates and fees for consumers.


Wizely Finance go to Market Strategy:

Wants to go to direct to Credit unions with a white labeled solution.


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