Three Creative Ways Credit Unions Can Use Memes

Last week, we taught you what memes are. This week’s blog is about how to put them into practice for your credit union.

Currently, there is a slew of information coming from businesses on how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s difficult to cut through the noise and get your content noticed on social media.

One way that we can counteract the constant drone of news is by taking part in a much sillier side of popular media—and that would be memes!

Memes can be the key to giving your members a way to relate to others that are experiencing the same thing. They’re also a great break from stress. Right now, everyone is probably more or less glued to social media in order to stay entertained and connected with their loved ones. It’s a perfect time to engage with members on social media by making them laugh (and letting them know that we’re all in this together).


Reaction Images

We’re going through many common experiences as a country. Most of us are either essential workers, working from home, or unfortunately, unemployed.

One way we can make light of our current situation is finding images or short videos that we identify with and explaining how they’re relatable.

Let’s say that I have an idea for a relatable experience that I want to share with my credit union members on social media. For example, I’ve noticed that I am spending a lot of money on food due to being stuck in the house all day… while trying to support a raging snack habit.

All I have to do is go onto Google Images and search “disgruntled reaction meme” to find an image or video that fits this situation, and there are plenty of images to select from. Then, save and load that picture into a meme generator and add your caption:

Reposting other memes, like this one found on Instagram, is quick and easy too.

If you’re lacking inspiration, another way to boost engagement is holding a caption contest. Find a funny picture and ask your members to caption it for you!


Dance or Exercise Challenges

You may have seen exercise challenges on Facebook or Instagram that encourage other people to try it for themselves. The best ones 1) are easy to learn but challenging to do 2) have a song to go with it, like this one:

Encourage your members to participate in a fitness challenge; we all could use some movement after being stuck in the house for so long! We suggest asking employees to try the above challenge, posting it to social media channels, and asking your members to try it and tag a friend to pass it along.


The Latest Trends in Engagement

It’s important to stay up to date with the latest viral images rolling around Facebook, especially the ones that encourage engagement by commenting. You can keep up to date with these trends by becoming a member of some Facebook pages in your local community to see what trends your members are interested in and posting.

A popular meme making its way across Facebook is the “Pick Your Quarantine House” meme. Try posting an image like the following and ask your members which house they would rather stay at for quarantine. It’s a fun way to create some engagement with your members.

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