CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 72 Seth Brecher Edmit on College Costs and You

The tagline of the website Edmit says a lot: Treat college like an investment.

Four years at Arizona State – tuition, room, board – will run over $110,000.

Four years at MIT will run over $300,000.

Big money is at stake and this is why so many students graduate with immense debt loads. The average approaches $40,000.

That’s a lot of dough and it’s a huge burden.

Enter Edmit, which aims to show a student and his/her family the *real* cost of a college and that’s a factor of this school, its financial resources, this student, and the family’s financial resources. A lot of variables come into play.

But the right college choice can produce a manageable debt load. Often the school with the best package for this student isn’t the one that seems obvious.

Seth Brecher, head of partnerships and customer success at Edmit, tells us how the program works.

He also tells about the special relationships Edmit forms with participating credit unions, and he says helping families plan their higher education expenses is a good way to strengthen relationships.

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