CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 86 Alan Bergstrom Exclamation Services CUSO

Do what you do best and let us do the rest.

That’s the one sentence pitch for Exclamation Services, a Wisconsin CUSO that sees its mission as helping smaller credit unions – under $500 million in assets – thrive.

Every year hundreds of credit unions, mainly small, vanish – typically in mergers.

But what if those credit unions could hire a la carte services such as marketing, HR, IT, and back office – and in fact get higher quality workforces, at lower cost, because these are shared services via Exclamation.

Remember that: Exclamation is offering an alternative pathway to merger. A path that will let smaller credit unions survive.

Alan Bergstrom is CEO of Exclamation and, he said, Exclamation presently serves around a dozen credit unions, including one as small as $28 million and some as large as $500 million.

Geographic reach is mainly Wisconsin but the plan is to go broader because the Exclamation services adapt well to remote delivery.

This is an exciting option that just may help thousands of credit unions survive.  Sharing is baked into credit union DNA and this is real sharing.

Hear the Exclamation podcast here.

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