8 FAQs from Credit Unions on How to Respond to COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has officially settled in, but credit unions can expect to deal with the fallout for months. This leads to many questions rolling in on how to keep the wheels turning in your institution.

But there are more questions than answers. How do you know when it’s time to close one of your branches? How can employees work remotely? How do you set up large meetings remotely? What do you do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

These questions don’t exactly pop up in the mainstream media, that doesn’t make them any less important. This guide from business continuity planning experts Ongoing Operations will point in you in the right direction for some of the most commonly asked questions from credit unions during this time.

For example, if you’re looking to understand what types of remote access your credit union can use, they suggest:

  • Virtual desktops
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • VPN connections
  • LogMeIn Central
  • VPN access with browser-based applications

They also suggest several best practices for these kinds of remote and virtual solutions. You can read more about the COVID-19 FAQs for credit unions on their blog here:

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