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Service review:

CU 2.0 tailors service to fit the needs of each fintech we work with. Some of the strategies we will use to grow your fintech include:

1. Fintech Launch

A fast-paced awareness campaign in which CU 2.0 develops and distributes content that features your organization.

The content produced in the campaign is used in Fintech Call nurturing sequences and may capture leads on our site.

2. Fintech Calls

A conversion campaign wherein CU 2.0 discusses your solution with up to 20 best-fit credit union executive teams per week.

Leads are scored, nurtured, and introduced on request. CU 2.0 also records feedback and conducts periodic pipeline reviews.

3. Fintech Mastermind

A group of credit union and fintech executives who support each other professionally and solve problems collaboratively.

Mastermind members typically get exclusive and early access to events, content, speaking gigs, and other opportunities.

4. Coaching

CU 2.0 assists with various stages of growth, including (but not limited to) ideation, organizational structure, CUSO formation, lead generation, go-to-market strategy, pilot program development, fundraising, and more.

Service levels are split between 3 tiers depending on your fintech’s maturity.

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