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Startups looking for their first LOIs and enterprises exploring product market fit with credit unions.


Mid-stage fintechs with more than a few clients looking to scale with mainstream credit union buyers.


Established providers that want to accelerate growth, meet key CU leaders, and mature operationally.

how it works

& Messaging

We test messaging and product market fit with blogs, podcasts, webinars, at conferences, and in casual conversations over golf...

& Feedback

We discuss your solution with credit union executives that fit your target buyer profile, and we pass their feedback on to you...

& Advisory

We build your individualized roadmap through milestones like forming a CUSO, Vendor Due Diligence, pricing models, and more...

why work with us

Years Experience
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We know CUs

From the credit union C-suite to the board of directors, we've been there... since forever, apparently.

Fintechs Advised

We know fintechs

If we didn't have a spreadsheet, we'd have lost count of how many fintechs we've worked with.

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We have a mission

Our goal is to give credit unions the technology to compete with (and beat) big banks and fintechs.

We've also founded, scaled, and exited multiple successful fintechs and CUSOs,
including CU Wallet, Ongoing Operations, and Painted Hills.

The fine print

Let’s be real. We all know that selling to credit unions is difficult. They’re light on resources, they’re highly regulated and risk averse, and their #1 priority will always be their members. Oh yeah, and then there’s legacy tech stacks and core integration issues. So, even if you have what you’re sure is the perfect solution, it might need a little work before it finds a credit union home. Finding the right partner isn’t just about the solution–it’s also about the fit.

You might work with us because you think you need fintech marketing (or CUSO marketing). You might think you need leads. But what you really need is for someone to help you find the right fit. That’s the best way we can help, and that’s where coaching comes in. It truly powers the whole process here.

And hey, once we find something that looks like it can fit? We make sure credit unions don’t “go in a different direction” after we make an introduction. We’ll advise on your product, priving, pitch, or go-to-market strategy. We’ll suggest new integrations, improved vendor due diligence packages, launch materials, or board advisors. We’ll make you a can’t-miss prospect and we’ll keep you in the running until it’s time to put pen to paper (or… click to DocuSign).

We’re only recently on the sell side of credit unions. We cut our teeth on the buy side. And we still talk to the buyers daily. In fact, we know them personally. A lot of them have been drunk in Chris’s living room.

That’s mostly a joke. We’re responsible people, we swear. And besides, it’s not like that many people make it to Redondo Beach, CA just for a few drinks.

Not quite the fine print you were expecting, was it?

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