Convert POTS to VoIP with a simple plug-in device

Easy digital transformation

Convert analog systems to modern digital networks overnight with the Epik box. It allows you to support unified communications while keeping your copper infrastructure intact.

Communications cost savings

Save up to 60% on telecom service costs. Plus, with no hardware expenses or installation fees, the Epik box presents an easy way to make room in your budget.

“Epik has allowed us at Ongoing Operations to implement a much simpler approach toward getting out of band access to critical pieces of infrastructure.

When working with POTS lines, we use a mobile Epik box… This allows for a lot more flexibility as we can place this box anywhere. As long as we have a line connected to the Epik box, we can do a variety of different things like dial into modems for OOB access or leverage it for fax lines. It’s very flexible and mobile!”

Roberto Volquez, L2 Infrastructure Engineer, Ongoing Operations

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Cost reduction through telecom digital transformation

If your credit union still uses plain old telephone service (POTS), then you’re missing out on unified communications, seamless redundancy and internet failover, and significant service line savings.

Are you ready to modernize with Epik?