Home Improvement Lending 2.0 Guide

Take your home improvement lending to the next level!

CU 2.0’s Home Improvement Lending 2.0 Guide rests on a simple premise:

Banking habits are changing. The way banking services are provided must change, too.

So, if you’re ready to think about the Home Improvement lending experience of the future, then this guide is for you!

What’s in this guide

Home Improvement Lending 2.0 is a concept based on the the idea that modern consumers prize convenience and remote banking over all else. The only way to achieve that is through digital lending tools. But how can credit unions bridge the gap between their technology and that of big banks and fintechs?

To begin, our Home Improvement Lending 2.0 Guide assesses the current market to identify key trends. In this guide, we provide analysis on:

  • CU loan distribution numbers
  • Interest rates and market forecasts
  • Automated decisioning

We also provide a self-assessment framework for you to measure your credit union’s home improvement lending tools and strategy against the competition. This exercise will show you areas where your credit union might need to focus on digital improvements.

Finally, we include a review of fintechs and technology companies that provide or augment home improvement lending services. Our ratings of each provider are based on our experience, industry feedback, market data, and opinions. Also, our ratings are not comprehensive. (We will add to them throughout the year.)

CU 2.0’s guides are not recommendations. They are not intended to diagnose problems or prescribe solutions (though they may help). Plus, every credit union’s needs are different, so we recommend a consultation before making any decisions. This guide is intended to provide context and options only!

credit union home improvement lending guide from cu 2.0