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About the Podcast

The credit union industry is constantly evolving. The CU 2.0 podcast is here to highlight the latest credit union trends, news, people, and technologies.

Listen to the CU2.0 podcast for insider takes on new technology, compliance issues, and other major issues affecting credit unions today. We’ll keep you up to date and informed, so you won’t just survive—you will prosper!


About the Interviewer

credit union podcast, cu 2.0 podcast, cu2.0 podcast, robert mcgarvey

Robert McGarvey is an expert in credit unions and cooperatives which he has covered for outlets such as “Credit Union Times” and the New York Times. He has also written for hundreds of publications ranging from “Wired” to “Harvard Business Review.”


Podcast Library

Episode 54: Douglas Hartung on Libra, Live From DN Intersect

Episode 53: West Community Credit Union

Episode 52: David Deckelmann LiveSurvey

Episode 51: Marc Schaefer Truliant

Episode 50: James Killkelly, Christian Ranke, and Brian Lechlitner of Tellerex

Episode 49: Alain Glanzman WalletFi

Episode 48: Susan Mitchell on the Credit Union Underground

Episode 47: Randy Karnes CU*Answers for Small Credit Unions

Episode 46: Kirk Kordeleski on Doubling Your Size and More Good News

Episode 45: Gary Oakland BECU

Episode 44: Wendell “Bucky” Sebastian – a Credit Union Life

Episode 43: Caroline Willard Cornerstone League

Episode 42: Walt Laskos, CCUA, on Credit Unions Fighting Elder Fraud

Episode 41: Sherri Davidoff on Cyber Insecurities and You

Episode 40: The Jim Blaine Marathon

Episode 39: Futurist Chris Skinner

Episode 38: Futurist Thomas Frey on Credit Unions Tomorrow

Episode 37: Cliff Rosenthal on CDFIs

Episode 36: Millennials Talk Credit Unions

Episode 35: Gen Z Talks Up About Credit Unions

Episode 34: Ben Premo TrueFees on Fee Transparency

Episode 33: Erin Coleman Filene on Thinking Big and Better

Episode 32: Mike Edwards WOCCU on International Trends

Episode 31: Mike Reuter Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Episode 30: Brett King on Banking Tomorrow

Episode 29: Teresa Freeborn on Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union

Episode 28: Patrick Conway PCUA on Lobbying and Much More

Episode 27: Hakan Nordfjell Gemalto on New Account Fraud

Episode 26: Carl Memnon, COO Grain Technology on an End to Overdraft Fees

Episode 25: Joe Bergeron on Vermont Credit Unions

Episode 24: John Pembroke, CUES on the Talent War

Episode 23: Sitting Down with Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa

Episode 22: Talking Payments and Data Analytics with Trellance’s Lou Grilli

Episode 21: Ron Shevlin on “Is the Party Over?”

Episode 20: Up in Smoke, Credit Unions, and Cannabis, Part 2

Episode 19: Up in Smoke, Credit Unions, and Cannabis, Part 1

Episode 18: Al Pascual on Biometrics

Episode 17: Victor Corro on Hispanics and Credit Unions

Episode 16: New Year’s Resolutions with Robert McGarvey

Episode 15: Cathie Mahon CEO of Inclusiv, the association of community development CUs

Episode 14: AI for Credit Unions Part 2

Episode 13: AI for Credit Unions

Episode 12: Sitting Down with Bill Bynum, CEO of Hope CU

Episode 11: Sitting Down with Jay Murray, CEO of Vizo

Episode 10: Sitting Down with Amy McGraw, Tropical Financial to talk about the Student Loan Crisis

Episode 9: Sitting Down with Tanan Miles, Vice President of ENT Credit Union

Episode 8: Sitting Down with Scott Budde of Main Harvest

Episode 7: Sitting Down with Vasilios Roussos, executive director of the DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Episode 6: Sitting Down with Trudy Soucoup, a member of the board of directors at Washington State Employees Credit Union

Episode 5: Sitting Down with Geoff Caras, previous COO of CU 2.0

Episode 4: Sitting Down with Amy Downs, CEO of Allegiance Credit Union in Oklahoma

Episode 3: Sitting Down with Kirk Drake, Founder of CU 2.0 and CEO of Ongoing Operations

Episode 2: Sitting Down with South Bay Credit Union CEO Jennifer Oliver

Episode 1: Sitting Down with Chris Otey, CRO of CU 2.0 and Chairman of South Bay Credit Union


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