SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation software. The tool integrates with a clients website, social media, and email systems to become the platform that drives customer engagement across websites, mobile, email etc.

Problems We Solve:

SharpSpring might be right for you if:

  1. You don’t know where your leads are coming fromSharpSpring Marketing Automation
  2. Your marketing isn’t automated across social media, email, and web
  3. You want to compete in the digital age and measure engagement
  4. You don’t know which leads to focus on

SharpSpring marketing analyticsFintechs and Credit Unions are looking for ways to efficiently digitally engage and interact with their members. Both are looking for Marketing Automation tools to do the heavy lifting of lead identification, upselling, and onboarding.

Fintechs and Credit Unions struggle to find, build, and maintain relationships using digital, repeatable, predictable methodologies. Content is challenging to write and keep writing. Member journeys are complex and require lots of analytics, content, and insight to keep members in self-service modes. At the same time, new startups are hyper-focused and able to deliverable unique experiences by leveraging modern technology.



Marketing Automation Packages:

Tangerine: You just need the solution – let us do it ourselves. We just need to send emails and sign up people for our list.

Orange: You need help and you need more advanced features like lead scoring, campaigns, and automation.

Pumpkin: You need all of the features, advanced automation, help with the API etc.


Marketing Automation Features:


sharpspring product features marketing automation

Do you work for a credit union and want to learn more about credit union marketing automation? Chris Otey from CU2.0 is happy to answer all your questions and help you make informed decisions!

Feel free to contact him at:
Chris Otey: (310) 463-6913
[email protected]


By the way, did we mention CU2.0 is SharpSpring certified?