The $68T transfer of wealth

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Or are they being trained on TikTok
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Millennials and Gen Z are facing a staggering 68 trillion-dollar transfer of wealth. But what will they do with it?

Will they get guidance from your credit union… Or will they turn to Reddit?

In this webinar, we will explore how Wellthi, with their Financial Institution partners, are preparing younger generations for a healthy, more responsible financial future.

Prepare for testimonials about how these generations found empowerment, information, real guidance, and transformational tools at their fingertips through the Wellthi app.

Big topics

  • Where do Millennials and Gen Z get financial advice?
  • How can CUs build community, collaboration, and engagement?

Primary goal

Explore the Wellthi app, including:

  • Who it’s for
  • How it works
  • Results from other FIs

Our Speakers

Don’t worry… there will be plenty of Q&A time, too!

fonta gilliam wellthi app headshot

Fonta Gilliam

Founder & CEO, Wellthi

Chris otey headshot

Chris Otey

Co-Founder, CU 2.0

"Wellthi is a source of empowerment and financial knowledge for these future generations. We, along with our Financial Partners, recognized the need for a solution that not only bridged the gap in financial literacy but also catered to the unique preferences and challenges Millennials and Gen Z face."

Wellthi Gallery

A closer look at how the Wellthi app works

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