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CU 2.0 is a digital consultancy and marketing agency with a mission to increase credit union market share through fintech partnerships.

At our core, we bring experience, passion, and a can-do attitude to the technology side of the credit union industry. We understand the importance of the credit union mission, community finance, and democratizing access to opportunity.
And we know how to throw a darn good party.
cu 2.0 team

Our eclectic cocktail of teammates

kirk drake headshot

Kirk Drake

Founder and CEO

Kirk is a lifelong entrepreneur with decades of experience in the credit union industry. His favorite cocktail is an old fashioned, ande he believes anchovies have no place on pizza.
chris otey headshot

Chris Otey

Founder and CRO

Chris has decades of experience selling credit union technology. His favorite cocktail is a double Oban on the rocks, and he never says no to a Girl Scout Cookie.
misty rayo headshot

Misty Rayo

COO & EOS Integrator

Misty ensures that the team is paddling in the right direction. She can’t swim, so it’s stressful, but a simple Crown and Diet helps her stay relaxed.

tony finocchiaro cu 2.0

Tony Finocchiaro

VP, Sales

Tony brings decades of sales experience to CU 2.0. A little bourbon (neat) always takes the sting off the bruises from BJJ mat time.

dylan moore headshot

Dylan Moore

Business Development

Dylan has been with CU 2.0 for over 5  years and manages their tech stack and sponsorships. He loves a good cielo rojo… or a horchata before 5.

zeke hudson headshot

Zeke Hudson

Marketing & Creative

Zeke has nearly a decade of writing and marketing experience. Despite being a cocktail nerd, he prefers a barrel-proof bourbon paired with a jazz LP.

talli mccracken headshot

Talli McCracken

Program Management

Talli has helped CU 2.0 keep its processes in order for more than 3 years. She likes mojitos and is a sucker for old-school Tom & Jerry cartoons.

jana jordaan headshot

Jana Jordaan

Events Coordinator

Jana is an experienced event planner who knows how to keep things on schedule. She knows a thing or two about wine and cottagecore aesthetics.

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Should we merge? With whom? Those questions are heard in just about every credit union’s c-suite and boardroom.  

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