About Kirk Drake, President and Founder

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Kirk Drake is the founder and author of Credit Union 2.0.

Kirk is a lifelong entrepreneur.  He created and founded 8 successful businesses, starting with founding a high school bank. It was through this process that Kirk first learned the unfair advantage credit unions have over banks.

In 2000, the NIH Federal Credit Union hired Kirk as IT manager to help catch up to the industry. As part of that work, Kirk created CUCTO, a networking group for local CTO’s to meet, learn, and innovate. After a couple of years, and many IT projects, the credit union promoted Kirk to CTO. In this capacity, Kirk worked with several CUCTO members on a business plan to create a shared services Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) focused on Disaster Recovery.

In 2006, the CUSO was formed as Ongoing Operations, LLC with a $1 million investment from 7 credit unions. Today, Ongoing Operations, LLC supports thousands of credit unions though its Disaster Recovery, Telecom, Cyber Security, and community cloud platform.

In 2013, Kirk teamed up with Paul Fiore (Founder of Digital Insight), to create CU Wallet – a mobile wallet venture.  Simultaneously, Kirk began to harness the power of inbound marketing, generating 500+ blog posts, 12 e-books, lead scoring, and a digital engagement strategy that resulted in over 100 leads per month. These strategies were designed to educate the buyers, build trust, and create leads.

Kirk likes to learn by doing, so he also created four additional e-commerce/mobile platforms focused on lifestyle or hobby based businesses over the past five years.

In 2016, Kirk wrote Credit Union 2.0, a book that helps credit unions compete in the digital age and is the foundation for Credit Union 2.0 and the services it provides.

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Chris Otey, Chief Revenue Officer, EVP

Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer at CU 2.0 and the Chairman of the Board at South Bay Credit Union. In this role Chris is looking to create partnerships between FinTech providers and Credit Unions to allow them to compete and thrive in a constantly changing digital environment.

Previously, Chris was the Chief Revenue Officer at CU Wallet. Chris was with CU Wallet since its inception and was responsible for all revenue generated for the CUSO. In his role with CU Wallet, Chris worked to unite the Credit Union Industry behind a credit union led, credit union driven mobile wallet solution. He worked with Credit Unions, Merchants, other CUSO’s, State Leagues and Associations to create the credit union specific mobile payments ecosystem.

Chris spent eighteen years working in all facets of the Credit Union Division within Fiserv including XP Systems, Summit Information Systems, and LynxGate Solutions. Chris has sold, trained and installed core processing, EFT services, Wire Services, Internet Banking, Bill Pay, Mobile Solutions and Accounting Systems.

Mr. Otey earned a BA in Communications from California State University, Northridge. He lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

Paul Fiore, Co-Founder

Paul Fiore co-founded Digital Insight which offers Internet based services to financial institutions. As founder, Board of Director and CEO, Mr. Fiore performed all tasks necessary to successfully grow the company from zero to over $100 million in revenue and from 2-500 employees in six years. Specifically, Mr. Fiore conceived the idea, wrote the business plan, raised seed capital and venture capital, established the business model, set pricing, led the sales team, designed the product, set market positioning, evangelized the solution, presented at industry conferences, set the sales & reseller strategy, took company public, assisted with M&A, and evaluated opportunities for international expansion.

In 2013 – Fiore, Drake and Otey teamed up to create Credit Union Wallet.  CU Wallet went on to gain the support of over 100 credit unions for creating a credit union branded mobile wallet solution.


About Credit Union 2.0

Credit Union 2.0 began as an innovative digital strategy playbook, Credit Union 2.0, written by Kirk Drake and has evolved into a full service digital credit union consultancy that specializes in developing meaningful digital brands. We don’t just come up with what’s cool. We give credit unions the tools, playbook, and strategies they need to make a real impact and engage their members.

Credit Union 2.0 provides a variety of products and services to help credit unions build digital brands, including speaking, workshops, digital coaching, custom content, and content licensing.

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The Credit Union 2.0 Approach

At Credit Union 2.0, we believe branding is the promise of a distinct, memorable digital experience that is delivered consistently, every time. We know how to build a brand that is reflective of your customer base and the value of your services, and we’ll help you deliver it in a way that inspires your members and employees alike.

Credit Union 2.0 creates digital brands that are authentic and designed to provide a strong, long-term foundation for you and your members. We’ll work with you to define what sets your credit union apart, who you are, what you want to be, and what your customers want you to be.

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