Kirk Drake – President and Founder

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Kirk is a lifelong entrepreneur. After founding a high school bank, he created and founded eight more successful businesses. In fact, this bio is part of one of those very businesses.

Each new business increasingly focused on the technological side of finance. From disaster recovery, to cybersecurity, to developing a digital wallet, to establishing inbound marketing in the financial market, Kirk has done quite a bit. And, though he hasn’t yet done it all, he’s working on it.

In addition to creating and managing businesses and a family, Kirk enjoys public speaking. You may have seen him on stage at a conference introducing his digital playbook to credit unions. Or perhaps you caught him talking about how AI is entering (and changing) the financial industry. Or, if you were really lucky, you might have caught one of his standup comedy routines.

When Kirk isn’t busy working, he’s probably either raising three children, helping his wife Kim manage their winery, or, on rare occasions, actually sleeping.



Chris Otey – Chief Revenue Officer, EVP

Chris Otey Credit Union Genius

Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer at CU 2.0 and the chairman of the board at South Bay Credit Union. In these roles, Chris creates partnerships between fintech providers and credit unions to allow them to thrive in a constantly changing digital environment.

Previously, Chris was the Chief Revenue Officer at CU Wallet. He worked in all facets of the credit union division within Fiserv. He has also sold, trained, and installed core processing, EFT services, wire services, internet banking, bill pay, mobile solutions, and accounting systems. The point is, he may have forgotten more about the industry than most people have learned.

Of course, business isn’t everything. Chris is a dad, and he coaches his two daughters’ soccer teams in the uber competitive town of Manhattan Beach, CA. He also enjoys the finer things in life: a tumbler of good scotch, an Ashton cigar, and a good round of golf. Chris has lost to most of the best golfers in the credit union industry.

Zeke Hudson – Content Manager


The guy who gets you content

Zeke Hudson is a recovering academic, recovering bartender, and fully recovered electrical engineer. Most of his work at CU 2.0 involves developing marketing strategies and overseeing content production.

Oh yeah, and writing. Mostly it’s writing. Blogs, case studies, web copy—you name it. Fortunately, a BA in English and an MFA in writing prepared him for all those words.

When Zeke isn’t writing, he’s usually doing something “fun,” like mountain biking. Or Dungeons & Dragons. Or snowboarding. Or gardening. Or curling up with tea, jazz, and a good book. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, with his partner Micah and their two cats that they don’t have yet.

Dylan Moore – Project Manager

The guy who automates your stuffDylan Moore had many options after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in Technology and Information Management. After a few mind-numbing jobs, he chose travel.

Did he say travel? He meant to say, “a peripatetic quarter-life crisis through South America.”

Somehow, that led him to Ashland, Oregon and CU 2.0. His roles there include project management, marketing automation, and digital strategy.

When he’s not working, he’s probably flying down the mountain (bike and board—sometimes with Zeke!) or camping. When he’s indoors, he plays piano, guitar, and pwns his housemates in video games.

Tana Roush – Video and Graphic Production

She'll add visual chutzpah to your contentTo apply to CU 2.0, Tana Roush needed a resume. So, she did what any responsible, enterprising jobseeker would do:

She built a website and submitted that instead.

You may recognize her from her CU 2.0 social media presence. Or maybe you’ve read the weekly newsletter she puts together. She also contributes videography, images, and morale to the content team.

When she’s not touching up infographics, you can find her on her sorta-farm in Veneta, Oregon, where mosquitos and wifi help her “build character” with her boyfriend Eliot.

Talli McCracken – Executive Assistant

The OrganizerTalli McCraken is an organizer. She creates a prioritized list every day and begins crossing off tasks, top to bottom. Her attention to detail ensures that CU 2.0 processes and procedures are done right.

Talli has lived all over the world—Abu Dhabi and Buenos Aires were highlights. Consequently, she’s pretty into travel, and she’s almost multilingual. Almost.

But Ashland, Oregon is home, and travel is expensive. Instead of jet setting from port to port (or whatever fancy people do), she paints household objects with her roommate to make old, familiar things seem new and exciting again.

About Credit Union 2.0

In 2016, Kirk Drake authored the book Credit Union 2.0 to help credit unions compete in the digital age. Today, CU 2.0 continues the work that the book started.

CU 2.0 provides modern marketing tools and strategies to credit unions and the technology companies that support them. We offer custom content, automated marketing, strategic representation, and a little secret sauce to increase digital engagement with your brand.

The Credit Union 2.0 Approach

We believe that a strong digital presence is a necessary component to business growth. But building and maintaining a digital presence is no easy task. Finding talented people to strategize, develop, release, and leverage marketing content is increasingly difficult.

CU 2.0 works with your team to define who you are, where you’re going, and what sets you apart. Together, we’ll develop a plan that fits your brand goals. Then, we’ll execute a digital strategy to increase web traffic, engagement, and leads.

You can expect quality, custom marketing collateral for your organization delivered weekly. And, to really bring things to life, we’ll tie your existing and new content together into a comprehensive automated marketing ecosystem.

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