FinAncIal: Helping Financial Services Executives Prepare for an Artificial World

Every new fintech uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some gain a competitive advantage. Others solve an old problem in a new way. All see better results than their non-AI competitors. Yet most banks and credit unions aren’t even thinking about AI.

With the increase in fintechs, we are at a unique time in history where banks, credit unions, and fintechs can work together to solve complex problems, improve service, boost financial performance, and step into the future

If you are a credit union or bank executive, board member, manager, or technophile, this crash course on AI in the financial space is for you.

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FinAncIal book by Kirk Drake

cu 2.0: a guide for credit unions competing in the digital age book

CU 2.0: A Guide for Credit Unions Competing in the Digital Age

The first and only book of its kind, Credit Union 2.0 contains essential strategies for leveraging the latest technologies, facilitating growth and fostering competition between credit unions and the banking industry. Credit Union 2.0 will equip credit unions with the tools needed to empower their employees and provide their members with the superior financial service they want and need.

If you haven’t read this transformational book before, consider it a must-read. Its ideas are still timely… especially in a post-COVID world full of remote work, closed branches, and contactless payments. To support the rapid consumer shift toward digital banking, you may want to use this book as a guide.

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