Fintech Call Program

Personalized tech scouting

CU 2.0 speaks with hundreds of fintechs each year. Some are startups, some are well-known, and some are bringing established tech from another industry into ours. We show you only the best of what we find.

Fintech Call Program

Discuss vetted, hand-picked
fintechs with industry experts

Fintech Call Program

What You Get

CU 2.0 will call each quarter to discuss your organization’s goals, the solutions you’re considering, and the fintechs that should be on your radar.
Exposure to
new fintechs
Early access to
new resources
research time

Fintech Calls

How It Works


We research and meet with fintechs.

Conferences, digital research, relationships with VCs and incubators, and so much more.


Before we make the call to your team...

We’ll ask about your needs, what you’re looking at, and when you’re available.


We'll connect for 30 minutes, tops.

We’ll discuss up to 5 fintechs or CUSOs that we believe might fit your stated needs.


Information and introductions.

We’ll send cutsheets and content after the call and make introductions when you ask for them.

Fintech Call Program


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