About the Fintech Call Program

The CU 2.0 Fintech Call Program quickly introduces credit union decision makers to new technologies, brands, and products in the marketplace. Once per quarter, CU 2.0 calls you to discuss trends, analyses, and solutions that meet your credit union’s digital transformation and growth plans.

CU 2.0 encounters dozens of new fintechs and vendors each month. We catalog them and, when we find one that fits a need (or shows particular promise), we make a note to discuss them with credit unions. So, you get exposure, and we get feedback about market position, need, and viability!

Here’s how the Fintech Call Program works:


  • Who: Credit union executives, leaders, and decision makers
  • What: 30-minute, one-on-one calls about credit union technology
  • When: Quarterly, with additional calls when requested
  • Where: Zoom
  • Why: We reduce some of your research and vetting burden by discussing only proven, innovative, or promising ideas, brands, and solutions.

There is no cost to participate. We’re happy to set up a recurring call or coordinate as needed, whichever works best for your schedule. Or, as they say, we’ll have our people contact your people!

Participants in our Fintech Call Program also often get first access to our 2.0 Guides, priority invites to limited-seating events, and consideration for speaker and panelist opportunities.

Please fill out the form if this sounds valuable to you!



“There are countless fintechs and startups out there. It’s great to get an idea of which ones are actually vetted and ready to serve credit unions.”Jesse Boyer, COO at NIH Federal Credit Union

cu 2.0 fintech call program

“CU 2.0 is the best resource I’ve found to keep me informed about and help me meet with relevant Fintechs that are helping Bellwether grow. I wish the calls started years ago!”Jeff Benson, SVP/COO at Bellwether Community Credit Union