The CU 2.0 Credit Union Data Analytics Provider Guide

credit union data analytics provider guide from cu 2.0

Credit unions often lag competitors, technologically. Technological needs must be balanced with service, growth, and profit; often, those needs compete with fintechs, compliance, IT security, and ever-changing regulations.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Updates and Automation Opportunities – Webinar

streamlining the ppp forgiveness program for credit unions, banks, and community banks

The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 brings new guidance to the loan forgiveness process. The new act introduces leniency in the form of extended loan periods and new standards for employee compensation. But despite this new flexibility, the hard part is still to come: Handling forgiveness requests will be tedious, complex, and difficult. […]

How to Streamline the PPP Forgiveness Process – Webinar

streamlining the ppp forgiveness program for credit unions, banks, and community banks

Do you need a fast, scalable, PPP loan forgiveness platform? Learn how to create a member-driven process for PPP loan forgiveness. In this webinar, Capiform and CU 2.0 will discuss: Required documentation and calculator Process automation opportunities How to provide a friendly, member-driven experience throughout Do your small business members know what documents and information […]

A Credit Union’s Guide to PPP Forgiveness – Webinar Recording

credit union's guide to PPP forgiveness

54% of small businesses expect their Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiven according to a recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business. In this webinar Capiform and CU 2.0 discussed: How technology can help credit union’s face the challenges associated with the administration, audit and forgiveness stages of the Paycheck Protection Program loans. How […]

How Your Credit Union Can Save Money in 2020

Credit union budget 2020

There are countless opportunities for credit unions to spend money and improve services. But how about where they can save money and do the same? We’ve put together a quick introduction to a few cost-cutting services for credit unions. As a bonus, they all provide opportunities to improve your products or services. So, if you […]

Interchange Optimization Guide for Credit Unions in 2019

Yes, loans and interest-based income will continue to be prime income generators for you. Non-interest income just isn’t as lucrative or glamorous. Still, those pennies and dollars from each swipe can stack up. With the right approach, it’s possible to supercharge your interchange income. With that in mind, we figured we should put together an […]