The Credit Union Case for Rocket Mortgage® Partnerships

rocket mortgage credit union partnerships

Rocket Mortgage is one of America’s largest and most recognized lenders1. Their digital lending journey and client experience are nearly unmatched in their field. Not surprisingly, credit unions—and CU 2.0—think of Rocket Mortgage as the competition. But might they make better partners? For a surprising number of credit unions, the answer might be “yes.” Read […]

Nesting Gives Startup and Tech Employees a Modern Mortgage

nesting doctor loans modern mortgage for startup and tech employees

Normally, credit unions don’t give mortgages to people with high debt-to-income ratios, small down payments, and short job tenure. But then “doctor loans” allowed leverage on high income and job security afforded medical professionals. But physicians aren’t the only professional group that now have assets directly linked to high ability to repay despite a lack […]

Home Lending Provider Guide

credit union home lending vendor guide

This Home Lending 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of home lending in the U.S. It’ll offer some insight about lending trends and the role that fintechs play in driving those trends. It’ll also explore challenges facing traditional home lenders.

Fintech Lending Provider Guide

credit union fintech lending vendor guide

This 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of fintech lending in the U.S. It should also offer some perspective about why outside fintech lenders represents a clear threat to credit unions, as well as how credit unions can leverage partnering fintechs to fight back.

Sparrow Powers Credit Union Student Loans

sparrow powers credit union student loans

Most credit unions don’t offer student loans and they don’t want to. Often, credit unions will point students towards a major national lender (i.e. Sallie Mae) in return for a small finder’s fee. This doesn’t give students many options or a good experience. Furthermore, it leaves a lot on the table for credit unions. There’s […]

The CU 2.0 AI Lending and Decisioning Guide

ai lending and decisioning vendor guide for credit unions from cu 2.0

Download the complete guide here. This 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it powers lending in the U.S. It should also offer some perspective about why using AI-powered lending is necessary for credit unions to compete with fintech and big bank lenders in the next few years. […]

How Can Credit Unions Incorporate BNPL and Installment Lending?

credit union buy now pay later and installment lending panel at cu 2.0 brainstorm event

This blog is based on an expert discussion at our Summer 2022 Brainstorm Event. Register to attend our next one now! Living in the age of convenience and instant gratification has financial implications and the landscape around lending is changing to reflect that. Over the last several years, we’ve seen massive growth in Buy Now, Pay […]

Housetable and Fully Digital Home Improvement Lending

Housetable home equity loan based on value after renovation for credit unions from cu 2.0

This is America. We have various but predictable wants. Whatever we want, we want it more, better, and faster. Fortunately, those adjectives are also the keys to growth and innovation. More, better, and faster perfectly encapsulates everything about housing in the last few years… and now, more, better, and faster describe the demand for home […]

Credit Unions, Revival Homes, and Funding ADU Construction Loans

Revival homes ADU construction loans for credit unions from cu 2.0

It’s not exactly news to say that California is dealing with a housing crisis. For decades, housing demand in the Golden State has outpaced supply, particularly in its major cities and suburbs. Local opposition to housing growth and restrictive zoning codes have made it challenging for builders to meet housing demand – and the result […]