How Can Credit Unions Incorporate BNPL and Installment Lending?

credit union buy now pay later and installment lending panel at cu 2.0 brainstorm event

This blog is based on an expert discussion at our Summer 2022 Brainstorm Event. Register to attend our next one now! Living in the age of convenience and instant gratification has financial implications and the landscape around lending is changing to reflect that. Over the last several years, we’ve seen massive growth in Buy Now, Pay […]

Housetable and Fully Digital Home Improvement Lending

Housetable home equity loan based on value after renovation for credit unions from cu 2.0

This is America. We have various but predictable wants. Whatever we want, we want it more, better, and faster. Fortunately, those adjectives are also the keys to growth and innovation. More, better, and faster perfectly encapsulates everything about housing in the last few years… and now, more, better, and faster describe the demand for home […]

Credit Unions, Revival Homes, and Funding ADU Construction Loans

Revival homes ADU construction loans for credit unions from cu 2.0

It’s not exactly news to say that California is dealing with a housing crisis. For decades, housing demand in the Golden State has outpaced supply, particularly in its major cities and suburbs. Local opposition to housing growth and restrictive zoning codes have made it challenging for builders to meet housing demand – and the result […]

Need Loans? New Proven Lending Strategies

Fintech lending strategies from homepace equipifi quilo total expert and cu 2.0

This piece is based off of a roundtable discussion at the CU 2.0 Brainstorm Event in January 2022. It’s not intended to be comprehensive—rather, it will provide a quick look at emerging trends in fintech lending strategies for credit unions. Loans are the backbone of credit union income, yet fintech and neobank competitors are doing […]

Growing Your Direct Auto Loan Portfolio with Loanify

Grow your direct auto loan portfolio with loanify fintech cuso

How many direct auto loans do you preapprove for members? Yet, how many end up with dealer financing? Dealer financing is rarely the member’s best option. Financing is where the profit is, and you don’t want to lose it to used car dealerships. So, let’s dig into a new CUSO, Loanify, to see how they […]

AI Case Study: QCash

QCash AI lending for credit unions from cu 2.0

This is an excerpt from FinAncIal: Helping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial World. Grab your copy here! This case study covers the leading player in AI-based small-dollar lending for credit unions, QCash. Stay tuned to the CU 2.0 blog while we feature more excerpts from our financial guide to AI! Purveyors of short‑term credit and small‑dollar […]

AI Case Study: Grain Technologies

grain technology ai for credit from cu 2.0

This is an excerpt from FinAncIal: Helping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial World. Grab your copy here!  This particular case study was cut for space from the book. However, the book features more than a dozen explorations of AI-based fintechs. Stay tuned to the CU 2.0 blog while we feature more excerpts from our financial guide to AI!