CryptoFi Eases the Credit Union Member Crypto Problem

credit union crypto for members with cryptofi

Your members buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies. In fact, your members are more than twice as likely to engage with crypto than other consumers. And, with few exceptions, those member assets are being transferred to loosely regulated, unreliable online exchanges, and those assets might be gone for good from your ecosystem. What can you do […]

Greenlight Powers Credit Union Youth Accounts

credit union youth accounts from greenlight

Millennials and Gen Z don’t know what credit unions are. We said it years ago, and a recent study confirms it now: Credit unions just don’t know how to acquire and support younger members. Many credit union executives still use “Millennial” as shorthand for “youth,” but Millennials are now in their 40s. Many in Gen […]

How Can Credit Unions Acquire and Support New Business Accounts?

credit union smb from cu 2.0 brainstorm event

This blog is based on an expert discussion at our Summer 2022 Brainstorm Event. Register to attend our next one now! Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a desirable but largely untapped resource as far as credit unions are concerned, not only as new loan sources, but also as a pool of potential new members. What’s […]

A Quick Guide to Credit Union Member Acquisition Costs

credit union member acquisition costs and marketing from cu 2.0

In a perfect world, the reputation of any given credit union would precede it, and people would flock from far and wide to join. Not a dime would be spent on marketing. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world. Any credit union growth strategy is going to rely on marketing for brand recognition. The real question […]