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Avoka Background:

Avoka, now part of Temenos, is a digital banking platform focused on customer experience. Temenos plans to integrate Avoka products into the newly announced Temenos Infinity, a groundbreaking omni-channel digital front office product. Avoka was designed to help financial institutes solve the problem of spending billions of dollars on the digital transformation of the customer acquisition and onboarding experience. The Avoka platform, within Temenos Infinity, enables financial institutions to rapidly come to market without spending too much resources on building these applications.


“Avoka achieves rapid time to market and agility for banks, delivers outstanding customer experience, and integrates essential FinTech services, such as ID verifcation, into the digital onboarding process.”





Level 2, 1a Rialto Lane

Manly NSW 2095


Phone: (02) 9976 4500

International: +61 2 9976 4500


Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Enables banks to rapidly deliver oustanding customer acquisition journeys
  2. Springboards Deposit Account Opening for Credit Unions
  3. Builds on your platform to revolutionize digital onboarding without touching core systems


Avoka Founders: Philip Copeland and Howard Treisman

Ceo and co-founder Phil Copeland is responsible for Avoka’s business strategy and worldwide operations. Early on, Phil created and led the Engagemment Server (Transaction Manager) at the center of Avoka Transact. Phile was an industry pioneer in the early 90’s, finding Jarrah Technologies and then developing TeamWindows – a repository based team programming solution which was then incorporated in Gupta Technolgoies SQLWindows. Later Phil went on to become the CEO of Open Environment Corporation afterit had acquired Jarrah.


CIO and co-founder of Avoka, Howard Treisman, focuses on strategic product management, including market analysis and differentiation, product roadmap, product marketing communication, partner solutions, and competitive intelligence. Before Avoka, Howard worked as the Engineering Manager at Jarrah Technologies. Howard went on to embrace the distributed computing revolution and was responsible for building a distributed application management system.


Avoka go to Market Strategy:

Avoka works with banks and credit unions to implement a comprehensive digital onboarding experience.


Top Credit Union Fintech Use Cases:

Avoka Enables First Tech Federal Credit Union to Digitize Account Openings for More Than 40 Products

Credit Union Omni-Channel Transformation


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