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Posh credit union 2.0 financial technology

Posh Technologies is the brainchild of several MIT computer science students. Over the last couple years, they’ve focused from being an app-development company to working with conversational AI. Posh’s conversational AI assists with site navigation, automated customer service, and lead generation.

Posh Technologies’ smart chatbots help credit unions and financial technology companies streamline customer service and user experience. Instead of trying to navigate difficult websites, Posh’s intelligent chatbot can help users quickly find what they’re looking for.

Posh’s conversational AI also helps with lead generation to drive sales and increase member growth at credit unions. By determining which services a user is interested in, Posh’s AI bot can help credit union marketing teams determine how to entice and convert prospective members by offering valuable, relevant services.

Finally, Posh Technologies helps with internal support as well. In addition to helping members with the same problems, credit union staff who forget passwords, get locked out of their accounts, or checking on PTO statuses can check with Posh’s bot to help them resolve their issues.


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Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Conversational AI
  2. Credit union member growth through lead generation
  3. Automated customer service


Posh Founder: Karan Kashyap

Posh is a Boston-based Conversational AI & NLP technology development company founded in 2015 by MIT computer scientists.

Karan has experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, emerging technologies, chatbots, and financial services.


Posh go to Market Strategy:

Wants to go to direct to Credit unions.  Currently integrated to Symitar/Episys.


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