Credit Union Fintech: Terafina

Who is the product for?

Credit Unions and Banks


What does it do?

Omnichannel sales & Onboarding solution designed to help accelerate financial institutions organic growth through new customer acquisition, deepen existing relationships and improve channel efficiency through a unified platform.


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Top 3 Problems solved:

  1. Have a single unified experience for members (lending, deposit, etc.)
  2. Single technology that integrates all of your backend solutions
  3. Ability to cross sell and upsell


Terafina Founder: Kaushal Pandia

Qualified product management professional with history of diverse global experience.

* Intense, customer-driven insights into the convergence of technology and innovation with track record of developing successful business models, technology roadmaps and products/services.

* Strong sense of personal responsibility for revenue, market share and customer satisfaction, as well as shareholder value creation by enabling companies to effectively compete, and remain ahead of the industry and technology curve.

* Drive new business development, strategic partnerships and customer relationships by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, and navigating through complex deal structuring and negotiations.

* Natural leadership, team building and management philosophies combined continuous learning in digital technologies across the consumer and enterprise markets.

Specialties: Fin-tech, Innovation, Wealth Management, Banking/Financial Services


Terafina go to Market Strategy:

Wants to go to direct to Credit unions with a white labeled solution.


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