Scott Patterson

CU Student Choice

CU Student Choice works with credit unions to provide prospective university students with student loans. Their goal is to simplify the college loan process for students. This simplification, they hope, will help students find good-value educational loans to finance their education. They also make it so that the borrower doesn’t have to reapply for loans each year.

For all of us who have taken out federal student loans at some point—that setup sounds like a breath of fresh air. Nobody likes filling out FAFSA forms year after year.

It sounds even better for those of us who took out private student loans. The interest rates on those often exceed any reasonable boundaries.

The current loan landscape is fraught with difficult decisions. CU Student Choice wants to help make those decisions easier. To that end, they look to partner not only with credit unions, but with other fintechs as well. For example, they work with Edmit to streamline the college search as well as the finance journey.