Exclamation Labs

CU 2.0 sponsor

Exclamation Labs is a digital design and development company serving primarily banks and credit unions. For more than 20 years, they have delivered on a promise of exceptional results for financial and insurance companies. They produce web applications that interface with third-party solutions, eService apps, portal solutions, and enterprise websites.

As a full-service development shop for banking and insurance clients, Exclamation Labs has been creating digital products in the fintech space for over two decades. They partner with leading financial service companies to streamline their business processes, and slice through the bureaucracy of integrating with core processors and policy admin solutions. Their solutions provide the functionality financial institutions need to do business in a new digital ecosystem.

Sophisticated cyberattacks in the financial sector are skyrocketing. Exclamation Labs’ flagship product ProvisionĀ® addresses Identity and Access Management (IAM). It elevates security by enforcing user-specific, policy-driven permissions through a single source of provisioning system access. Provision empowers mid-sized financial institutions with advanced technology to manage digital identities, but with half of the financial investment of the closest competitor.