FilingMate is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for insurance companies to find, manage, complete, and submit regulatory filings.

Insurance carriers, agents, and producers deal with mountains of regulations. As a result, they have quite the burden as far as paperwork is concerned. That could include:

  • Licensing of an agent or agency
  • Incorporation for setting up new agencies
  • Related filings for state insurance or other regulatory bodies

For credit unions who provide insurance, this kind of regulatory management software represents the end to several headaches.

FilingMate removes a lot of the tedious, manual input required in filling out multiple regulatory documents. Automating portions of the process with auto-form population takes out a lot of guesswork and the risk of human error.

Finally, FilingMate helps with review and submittal. Users can rest easier knowing who did what and when. Plus, using e-signatures ensures that documents that must be approved across several departments don’t get caught up while waiting for signatures.