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Steven Syverud


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“Doctor loans” for startup employees.

Nesting makes it easier for people in the startup economy to buy a home. Nesting allows people to turn their startup equity into a house… without selling any of their equity.

Often, executives and other employees at promising startups don’t have the same amount of capital as other full-time workers. Yet, especially if they’re compensated in part with equity or stock, their net worth, earning potential, and ability to afford a home may be very high with an incredible chance to grow.

In short: on paper, they may not qualify for a large mortgage, but in reality, they’re overqualified.

Here’s Nesting’s goal:

  • Nesting takes into account private assets and earning potential, which traditional lenders do not.
  • This means people can get credit for their equity, without having to sell it.
  • They help members put less down and pay lower monthly payments on a home.

Nesting currently partners with credit unions to offer their take on physician loans for startup workers.