Noble Capital

Since 2004, Noble Capital, the premier private money lending network in Texas, has served as the conduit between lenders and borrowers in residential real estate private money loan transactions. Focused on Texas real estate markets, we have an impressive track record with a growing clientele. With the help of our services, lenders benefit by earning 7-10% returns on short terms loans, and borrowers benefit by having fast access to hard money for the rehabilitation of distressed properties for quick and profitable resale.

Noble Capital’s private lending platform is designed to be the front and back office for our Private Lender Network membership. Our members appreciate that we are a relationship-based company dedicated to exceptional performance and client service. The mission of Noble Capital is to be Texas’ premiere Private Real Estate Lending Platform, providing quality lending opportunities to members of our Private Lender Network. We strive to be the very best at providing growth opportunities for our clients, our employees and our industry colleagues.