Ongoing Operations

CU 2.0 sponsor

Ongoing Operations is a CUSO that provides business that provides services that allow credit unions to operate without interruption, even when nothing else seems to be going well. Most of Ongoing Operations’ services are technological in nature, but they also assist credit unions through consulting in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • IT architecture
  • Information security
  • Compliance

Their complete range of cloud solutions—including virtual desktops, hosted applications, and hosted VoIP—can help credit unions and other businesses reduce capital costs and operate more efficiently. Any organization can also utilize any or all of their business continuity services to ensure access to their entire operation. Email, phones, and other important contact points stay up and running. Whatever your need, Ongoing Operations has the piece of the technology puzzle to fit.

For credit unions who want to mitigate operational and external existential risks, Ongoing Operations provides a significant layer of security. Ongoing Operations provides services to credit unions of any size.