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Ben Soppitt


Unifimoney is a Digital Wealth Management platform for community banks and credit unions. With Unifimoney Credit Unions can extend wealth management services to all their customers regardless of their affluence or life stage not just the few wealthy enough to be interesting for a traditional RIA. Members access their Unifimoney account through their existing online banking.

By offering all members access to investing services Credit Unions can attract and retain younger more digitally engaged consumers as well as help stem the lost of deposits to 3rd party external investing platforms like Robinhood and Wealthfront. 

Today Unifimoney offers fractional self direct trading of thousands of stocks and ETF’s, Mutual Funds and even precious metals include Gold, Silver and Platinum. Our Robo advisory solution provides members easy means to passively invest over time. Personal finance content and training can be provided via our partner Centsai. Future product roadmap items include retirement accounts, HSA’s, 

Unifimoney is integrated with Jack Henry Banno, Alkami and Q2 with more platforms to come. A no-code turn key integration is enabled through your online banking portal. We provide documentation and support through the configuration. 

Unifimoney is owned by a large Family Office backed Private Equity firm which has extensive experience in highly regulated industries including healthcare, education and banking. 

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