Credit Union 2.0 Speaking

Kirk Drake and Credit Union 2.0 have developed effective digital brands and strategies for credit unions big and small. We are experts on working with you to onboard these strategies and principles and can give you a fresh perspective that will jump-start your credit union’s digital strategy. Kirk Drake, Founder of CU 2.0, and Chris Otey, CRO, are available to come to speak at your next event, seminar, or meeting.

We’ll work with you before our speaking event to develop the content and curriculum to ensure that our presentation meets your needs and accomplishes your goals. We’ll then go to work building a presentation and that’s sure to impress and stimulate.

Our pricing for speaking and presentations are as follows:

  • 0-100 Attendees = $5,000 + Travel
  • 101-300 Attendees = $6,000 + Travel
  • 301+ Attendees – Keynote = $8,000 + Travel

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Credit Union 2.0 Workshops

Is your IT team working on projects that aren’t aligned with the credit union’s goals? Is your marketing team struggling to deliver the growth that you need?

Our Credit Union 2.0 workshops provide in-depth training and analysis for all the members of your credit union team. Join Kirk Drake for a hands-on, half-day workshop to learn the strategy, direction, understanding, and support you need to execute a comprehensive digital strategy.

Our Credit Union 2.0 workshops are designed for a variety of credit union professionals, including CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, retail delivery, and e*commerce. For maximum impact, we recommend that Credit Union 2.0 workshops have between 3 and 20 attendees.

A four-hour Credit Union 2.0 workshop and gap analysis costs $5,000.

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Credit Union 2.0 Digital Coaching

At Credit Union 2.0, we know all that too often credit unions want to expand their digital presence but don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Kirk Drake and Credit Union 2.0 can empower your organization to transform and modernize your credit union so that it can compete in the digital age.

Through our digital coaching, we serve as a strategic advisor, working with your team to create a comprehensive digital-first strategy that fosters member loyalty and is scalable and repeatable. We teach you how to leverage the power of social media, data analytics, content marketing, and marketing automation to grow your credit union.

We’ll work with you, your marketing, and your IT teams to seamlessly implement a digital-first strategy, thus providing a better experience for your members. And of course, throughout the entire process your credit union will maintain the final say in the deployment, brand, messaging, and relationship with your members.


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Get your Board and Management aligned with a Digital first strategy.

At Credit Union 2.0, we believe it’s critically important to have alignment between boards, CEOs, and management teams. Our alignment package gives you 10 copies of our complete digital stratey playbook, Credit Union 2.0, a 30-minute CEO coaching session with Kirk, and an optional one hour board coaching session on the tools and techniques outlined in Credit Union 2.0.

As an added bonus, if you act now we will throw in five copies of Credit Union 2.0 for your management team too!

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Content Curation

CU2.0 has developed a best practice methodology for sustainably creating and delivering content around any subject or keyword. Every organization should be using content marketing and inbound search from Google to boost search results and findability on the web, increase business from new prospects, decrease support and administrative costs, improve the digital experience surrounding your credit union, and enhance your brand reputation with consumers. We’ll help you:

  • Take the guess work out of topic generation
  • Showcase your company’s expertise and value to your clients
  • Develop content that engages new clients and established members
  • Follow holiday-related, transparent process to get the job done

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Social Media

CU 2.0 offers personalized social media consulting, and you can step up your social media game tremendously with one simple first step.  Join our closed CU 2.0 Marketers group on Facebook! The feed serves as a place for credit union marketers to easily find content to post on their social media sites in order to boost member engagement. A subscribing Credit Union can pull content from the group and post what they like when they like on their own credit union’s various social media sites.

Fresh, topical content is constantly being updated with a new post every day in the group. We also sprinkle in #MondayMotivation inspirational quotes and holiday-related content to inspire and entertain your audience.

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New Member Video Onboarding

When new members join a credit union, it is a key opportunity to make an amazing first impression and connect on a personal level.  Our mission is to help you improve your credit union’s new member experience while increasing product penetration and retention among new members.

To do this, we’ve created a proven process using video bombbombs as a way to connect to members, address common questions and introduce important topics. Most importantly, this humanizing experience breeds familiarity and comfort, thus increasing your trust score. You will:

  • Learn the basics of connecting through video
  • Get it right the first time
  • Follow simple-to-use scripts
  • Establish a loyal, trusting member base
  • Seamlessly measure efficacy and metrics throughout the process
  • Reinforce your brand through content


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