Questions to Ask Data Analytics Providers (for Credit Unions)

Data analytics for credit unions from arkatechture and arkalytics and cu 2.0

There are many different uses for data analytics at credit unions. And, it seems, there are as many data analytics providers as there are uses. We believe this is a good thing. However, we understand that the plethora of vendors can make it hard to find the right one. Moreover, even reviewing our data analytics […]

Being Relevant to our Members

In my last blog, I talked about cleaning up data. Ugh. It is hard work, and I was primarily focusing on core system data. Today I want to suggest thinking about new ways Credit Unions can use existing data. Most Credit Unions have a heartfelt mission of supporting member’s financial well-being. Yet in some ways […]

Getting Your Data In Order – A Recipe for Credit Union Digital Transformation

Data is fundamental to your credit union digital transformation. Customers must be able to efficiently and effectively manage transactions online. Credit Unions must be able to infer customer needs from those transactions and reach out to customers where they “live” online, whether through email, social media, or text. This blog post presents a simple recipe […]

Credit Union Data Analytics: Common Error Avoidance

Now that we are more than halfway through our Almost 99 Small Data Hacks for Credit Unions – Guide series, it is time to switch gears a bit. This post features hacks that are entirely focused on expense savings. One credit union I worked at would survey its members regularly. The common sentiment was that the […]