4 Things to Consider During A Credit Union Website Redesign

By Dylan Bloniarz, soon-to-be graduate from St. Edwards University’s Master’s program in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. This blog is about credit union web design. He is currently redesigning his credit union’s website. You may find the original post here.

Taking on the project of a website redesign is not an easy task, no matter the size of an institution. The project consumes numerous hours of work while writing, designing, and finding the right partner to develop/host.

These factors can make the redesign process a daunting task, but one that’s worth every penny. Let’s explore what to consider while navigating through your website redesign process.

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Investment Accounts for Kids: Where Credit Unions Fit In

Don’t work at a credit union, but like what you see? Head to UNest to open an investment account for your kids today!

Most of my friends and I are so close to 40 that it looks blurry now. Most of us have kids (I don’t) and multiple app-based investment accounts (I do). Naturally, there’s a growing demand in this demographic for investment apps for kids.

Credit unions, take note!

Offering app-based financial wellness and investing accounts for kids is a member need… in a market segment credit unions typically fail to attract (Millennials and older Gen Zers).

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AI Case Study: QCash

This is an excerpt from FinAncIal: Helping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial WorldGrab your copy here!

This case study covers the leading player in AI-based small-dollar lending for credit unions, QCash.

Stay tuned to the CU 2.0 blog while we feature more excerpts from our financial guide to AI!

Purveyors of short‑term credit and small‑dollar loans have gotten an understandably bad rap in the last couple decades. And it makes sense—before regulations, some interest rates on these loans went as high as 1,000%. Even today, short‑term loan interest rates climb over 600% in some states. In many ways, the reputation that short‑term credit earned was, well, earned. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And frankly, it shouldn’t be.

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Could This Be the End to Credit Union Fees?

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Sure, fee income is great for increasing non-interest income. But ironically, that revenue comes at a cost. Or, a few costs, actually.

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Kirk Drake’s New Book ‘FinAncIal’ Investigates Artificial Intelligence in the Credit Union Space

By W.B. King

Originally published by Finopotamus – Fintech News for Hungry CUs

While most credit unions are using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in some form, the industry lacks a cohesive strategy. This premise is among themes covered in FinAncIal: Helping Financial Services Executives Prepare for an Artificial World, a new book by Ongoing Operations’ CEO Kirk Drake.

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