Improving Credit Unions Rewards Programs

Improving credit union rewards programs with revenew

Like most Americans, I use rewards cards almost exclusively. Whether cash back, travel perks, or discounts at national and local businesses, I some of the money I spend to come right back to me.

Why Doesn’t Your Credit Union Have Zelle® Yet?

Credit union digital convenience and utility from cu 2.0

Here’s the thing: credit unions must prioritize digital convenience and utility. It’s starting to get embarrassing. In our weekly newsletter, we shared a short PR blurb about how Sound Credit Union recently completed a Zelle® integration. Sound Credit Union is well over $1b in assets, which raised several questions:

Getting Your Data In Order – A Recipe for Credit Union Digital Transformation

Data is fundamental to your credit union digital transformation. Customers must be able to efficiently and effectively manage transactions online. Credit Unions must be able to infer customer needs from those transactions and reach out to customers where they “live” online, whether through email, social media, or text. This blog post presents a simple recipe […]

Physical + Digital = Phygital

Phygital, it is a thing. And, it can be a very important concept in furthering the relevance of a credit union with an increasingly digitally savvy member base. As we walk down this digital transformation path as an industry, we overlook the physical aspect to competing digitally. Now, if you are of the mindset that […]

Increasing Customer Connections Through Digital Transformation

Credit Unions pride themselves on customer service and being “customer intimate.” They are pioneers of brickand-mortar, customer-centric innovations such as branch greeter stations and branches that look more like an Apple store than a traditional bank. Providing great customer services and “knowing” our members is a large part of what the Credit Union movement is […]

On the Digital Transformation Journey with Partners FCU’s CEO 

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By Robert McGarvey  For Credit Union 2.0    “We are not moving fast enough. We need to move 2x or 4x faster,” said John Janclaes, CEO of the $1 billion Partners Federal Credit Union headquartered in Burbank, CA.  In a wide ranging interview, Janclaes revealed exactly why he had put the credit union on what he […]

MnCUN Interviews: CU 2.0’s Kirk Drake Shares How to Future Proof Your Credit Union

CU 2.0 Founder Kirk Drake stopped by the Studio Lounge to discuss his keynote (Future Proof Your Credit Union) and his breakout session (Trust Through Your Browser). We focused on his breakout session topic on how credit unions can build trust in person and transfer that to their online browser for deeper engagement. Fascinating stuff […]

Wrestling with Your Digital Talent Gap

By Robert McGarvey For CU 2.0   Wake up to a frightening reality: very probably your credit union is falling behind in the race for digital talent and that just may be a sound of impending doom. Consulting firm CapGemini, working with LinkedIn, recently issued a report on The Digital Talent Gap and the takeaways […]