How to Increase Credit Union Member Engagement

I’ve seen a few guides on how to boost credit union member engagement before. And you know what? I wasn’t impressed. They were a little technical and self-serving. Technical in that they listed things like “segment lists for content marketing,” and self-serving in that they sell content marketing services.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. Some of the best suggestions are technical and self-serving.

But we’d like to introduce a few of our own ways to increase member engagement at your credit union. And we’ll try to keep it accessible! Continue reading “How to Increase Credit Union Member Engagement”

The Best Automated Animation Software for Non-Animators

Earlier this week, we wrote a little about blog introduction videos. They’re basically short, easy trailers that introduce blogs or other written content.

An you can do more than just create little videos for blogs. You can also create longer videos for just about anything. And the best part? They’ll improve your SEO.

But what if you want to make your own videos? Where do you start? Our animator breaks down the best animation software for non-animators.

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What Credit Union Marketing Automation Is and Why It Matters

Believe me, we get it: marketing efforts can lead to headaches. Nobody likes getting cold calls, people mute commercials, and pop-up ads are the worst.

Not all traditional marketing strategies result in headaches, though. Credit union marketing automation is different. It’s far more sophisticated—and less intrusive—than those marketing strategies.

Marketing automation relies on different principles. It’s more about guiding web traffic and site visitors from organic searches. Content, inbound funnels, and email nurturing campaigns educate curious parties about their interests. Then, the automation keeps them engaged until they’re ready to make a move.

Read on to learn more about what marketing automation is, how it works, and what it can do for your credit union. Continue reading “What Credit Union Marketing Automation Is and Why It Matters”

How SharpSpring Helps Credit Unions with Marketing Automation

As Credit Union 2.0 (CU2) grows, we’ve come to appreciate the little things. Our team is small but mighty, just like most of the credit unions in the United States. One of the tools that has allowed us to operate more efficiently is the marketing automation software SharpSpring.

It took us months of shopping around and demoing different Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. Eventually, we settled on SharpSpring. Here’s why, and more importantly, here’s why it should matter to you.

But before we get too far, we should put a little disclaimer here: this blog is intended specifically for credit unions, fintechs, and CUSOs who are looking for marketing automation tools to take their enterprise to the next level. Okay! You’ve been warned!

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