NCUA NEV Guidance

A discussion on NCUA NEV guidance and liquidity strategies in a rising rate environment 

Fintech Happy Hour

Monday, October 24th
10am-11am MT (11am MT/1pm ET)
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Note: this is an intimate discussion with CU 2.0 mastermind and coaching clients only.

This webinar will provide guidance to the many credit unions and an overview of key issues that fintechs should understand. 

In the face of the rapidly rising rate environment in 2022, credit union’s find themselves jumping from low to moderate or even high risk based on NCUA’s Supervisory NEV test – even if their balance sheet structure has changed very little.

Furthermore, credit union’s strong loan demand, coupled with slower or even negative deposit growth, has caused many credit unions to begin experiencing liquidity challenges. 

This webinar will also discuss various liquidity strategies to help credit unions navigate liquidity challenges at a time when the costs of deposits and borrowing alternatives are rising dramatically.


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