Hi, I’m Kirk Drake, founder of CU 2.0. CU 2.0 is all about helping credit unions create digital experiences that really differentiate a credit union from a bank. After starting a high school bank, working at two credit unions and Fiserv, and starting several CUSOs, I decided to write a book called Credit Union 2.0.  […]

Credit Union Website Basics

Are you struggling to build a website for your credit union that doesn’t become immediately obsolete? Many credit unions spend anywhere from $10-100,000 on a website, and if you’re not careful, within 3 months you’ll have to start all over again. If you’ve ever found yourself in that position, this post is for you. Credit […]

Is Direct Mail Dead for credit unions?

A lot of you might wonder something I have often wondered: is direct mail dead? Today we’re going to explain why it’s actually not dead, and how you can incorporate it in all of your digital marketing to create highly personalized digital marketing messages that help your members get educated, built trust, and buy more […]

Does your credit union need real-time analytics?

Does your credit union need real-time analytics? I hear this question all the time from marketers. They’re perfectly happy using their MCIFs and their Raddon data and Experian data to help them figure out who to market to on a day-to-day basis. In this post, we’re going to cover real-time analytics here, and how much […]

Top 5 Fintechs of 2016

With all these Fintechs that are constantly starting out, do you ever wonder what impact they’re having on your credit union? Today we’re going to cover how the top 5 Fintechs of 2016 are affecting your credit union. Every single year, hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into Fintech. OCC is even considering creating […]

A is for Automation – What is marketing automation for credit unions?

Are you wondering if marketing automation is right for your credit union? Today we’re talking about how Credit Union 2.0 can help you figure out how to deliver great marketing and digital experiences to your members. A lot of credit unions really wonder: are they sending too many messages to their members, communicating the same […]