Hi, I’m Kirk Drake, founder of CU 2.0.

CU 2.0 is all about helping credit unions create digital experiences that really differentiate a credit union from a bank.

After starting a high school bank, working at two credit unions and Fiserv, and starting several CUSOs, I decided to write a book called Credit Union 2.0.  I became passionate about credit unions’ digital experiences in 2008 when our industry had the worst financial crisis ever, and credit unions only barely moved the needle from 7% market share to 8% market share. I found that to be a huge problem.

So CU 2.0 is about teaching and educating credit union marketers, technologists, CEOs, boards, and everybody about how to create a really great framework for building your credit union for tomorrow through:

  • Data which allows you to differentiate
  • repeatable experiences and social media validation
  • education and teaching your members all about the great solutions credit unions have
  • automation and digital channels like online banking and marketing automation
  • and tying it all together with a great motivational structure that rewards your members for their loyalty and makes them feel like they own the credit union.

By doing all that, you’ll give your members a great experience and really enable your credit union to differentiate itself from banks.

Thanks for joining our blog, Facebook group or LinkedIn group.  We hope you become an active participant in the community and that you get key insights, ideas and tips that you can take back to your credit union regularly!

Best Regards,

Kirk Drake
Founder and Author, CU-2.0
Founder and CEO, Ongoing Operations, LLC
Co-Founder, CU Wallet, LLC

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